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Maestro Classics { Review }

Maestro Classics

I love music and I love stories so if you are like me then you're going to love Maestro Classics. My children love audio books just like I do. I love that we can cuddle on the couch and spend time like this!

Maestro Classics produces story in music! Recordings are by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. They have won over 45 awards nationally. 

What did we receive?

My family received 2 physical cd's to review.


Each cd is $16.98 

Age Range?
Ideal for ages 6-12, my guys are 9, 10 and 13.

How did we use these?

We simply placed our cd in our cd player and enjoyed listening.

Each cd comes with a neat activity book about 24 pages long. It contains information about the biography of composer or music, sheet music and a play along idea with games and more!

About The Sorcerer's Apprentice (41 mins)

I was shocked that this story is over 2000 years old. Fritz the Apprentice is lazy and Sorcerer leaves one day and puts Fritz in charge, oh what a mistake! This is where the story really starts with all the antics getting the best of Fritz because he thought he knew everything about magic only to have the Sorcerer come back home and have to fix the apprentices mistakes. The music really makes the story come alive! We really enjoyed the story and decided that the moral of the story should be: Never assume you know how to do something you are not trained to do!

About Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (51 mins)

This is a personal favorite of my smallest son, he loves the book! My favorite part was the Irish bagpipes throughout the story. My children already knew the story but it was so much fun to listen to it in an entirely different way. This story is about Mike and his aged steam shovel, Mary Anne; he doesn't want to give up on finding work for her one last time. Mike is a true friend and that is one reason I think it is such a favorite story to all. Friendship is important in life and this helps teach that you are to be a good, loyal friend in all situations.

Our thoughts?

We loved these beautiful musical stories. Each one was different an unique. They kept our attention and focus which is great for my wiggle worm. After listening in our home cuddled up using the activity booklet, we actually placed in the car for when we go to town or run errands and have enjoyed them several times. We would love to try The Story of Swan Lake next!

I love that the cd's offer more than just music or a story the cd's offer extra's about the content such as about the music and about the story these are each several minutes long and I enjoyed learning more about the story and arrangement. 

Cd's or MP3?

If you prefer MP3 downloads over cd's they are available for each title for only $9.98.

Here are some new titles from Maestro Classics:

The Carnival of the Animals, The Nutcracker & 
Merry Pranks of Master Till

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