Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Random Thoughts for my Children

As my children are growing I am having new issues arise in dealing with them. New parenting having to be taught and learned! Yesterday was a difficult day emotionally for me. I had a situation with one of my babies that let me know they thought I always took up for one and never for them.

It hurt my heart. I tried explaining the typical answer. The one is smaller and you have to act your age not their age, your going to be driving soon, your the closest to leaving the house and I have to prepare you for that you know the blah - blah - blah.

I had to leave for work and I was just really upset and didn't even want to talk about it because there had been other issues at the same time during the same situation and I was afraid I was really going to over react. I cried on my way but had to chill simply because I can't work like that.

On my ride home lastnight I got to thinking - trying to really put myself in their shoes - and I thought about these things:

I want to show you God's love through me so that you will want to be near God daily. 

I wish your life to be filled with love, dreams and family to warm your heart. 

Priceless friendships too. 

I want you to have peace, peace and understanding my love. 

Understand what is important in your life. 

I want you to be happy and radiate that joy all around. 

Experience gratitude and less attitude. 

I want you to feel joy more than you know. 

Learning  to control your tongue is something you will work on your entire life so start now.

I've always been told when they are little they walk on your toes and when they grow up they walk on your heart.


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