Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 36 {and others}

Well guys what can I say - I'm a total slacker. I've not completed a Weekly Wrap Up post since March 9th. Yep that long. 8 weeks. Slacker is a harsh word for me to use because I haven't been a slacker I have been super busy and just haven't had time for blogging like I once did.

My weeks are full to the point that I can't find time to work everything in. The last Weekly Wrap Up I noted that I thought I finally had gotten a good schedule down - Well that was true for that week

Every week presents new challenges with working outside of the home. My hours are longer since the nice weather is here and I'm tired. There I said it - I'M TIRED.

We did go to New York and had a blast. We had never been and I have to say it was a favorite for me personally but my family enjoyed it too. Hubby and I would love to go back in a few years.

Next week we will be enjoying our beach vacation. This is the one I wait on - count the minutes down on because the beach is where I feel at peace. I need this vacation. It rejuvenates me and I really crave the beach like some people crave that Pepsi or chocolate. 

Schooling has been here and there. No lies. We are finishing up for the year and all thought we do school year round we are completing some of our studies and pushing harder in the others.

Our annual testing was 2 weeks ago and we went out of my comfort zone this year. We have always used the Cat 5 but this year we decided to try the Woodcock Johnson and I even let someone else administer a test to my kids! That's a first but I must brag - MY KIDS DONE GREAT! It give me a really great boost of confidence in my homeschooling, encouragement that I needed now. Planning for next year may be a little harder because I think I am going to skip a few grade levels for Lexi and Kyle based on the results of the testing.

Kyle would be challenged at 10 & 11th grade items in reading, writing and spelling activities. He is finishing up his 8th grade year. He tested collage level math which I am pleased greatly with. 

Lexi is finishing up her 5th grade year and would be challenged with 8th and 9th grade language, spelling and comprehension activities. Her math level is 6th grade and that is totally good with me, I see the struggles she has in math and I am hopeful she will do great this coming year too. 

Zachary of course is my baby and he is still struggling with reading and the tester told me to just keep doing what I was doing because he is getting it however not to worry until he turns 11. I get flashbacks of teaching Kyle so often while I am teaching Zachary. I feel like I am teaching Kyle all over again! Looking at Kyle now he is doing wonderful so if I keep going along like I did with him I have great hopes for Zac. Zachary is a very smart child but reading skills come extremely hard to him. Praises to him on his math skills because he tested at 5th grade math level. He does love his Math!(U See).

Kevin is still attending Bible Collage every Tuesday and I am just praying that the Lord will continue to lead in his life. Kevin's birthday was Sunday and our church gave him his license to preach!! What a great birthday gift it was to him. 

My family is here and we are happy. Sorry I have been neglectful of my normal posts. I am going to try harder to update because not only do my faithful readers miss me but this is a digital scrapbook of our life for my kids to enjoy at some point.

Have a blessed weekend friends. 


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