Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Reasons I love Mystery Of History

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I've posted several times about what we are doing in Mystery of History however I haven't told you why I love Mystery of History(MOH). 

1. I can teach all my children together.

I love that I can teach all my kids together simply because it saves me time and helps me save my sanity. My husband is thankful for that!

 Instead of having to plan for 3 different history lessons I only have to prepare for one. I can branch my children off when I have come to a point that is over the others ability with ease.

2. Multiple ways to keep their attention during a lesson.

Bright Idea's Press has several different items to go along with MOH. We use the notebooking pages, challenge cards and the coloring pages. Oh and I can't forget the audio cd's that we listen too. 

Here is an example of how we use them all!
We sit down to our lessons (we normally do 3 a week).

While we are listening to our lesson the kiddos are working on their coloring page. Each coloring page has 3 lessons so each week we complete an entire page. 

MOH has lesson activities for your youngers and then for the olders. After we have listened to the lesson we decide what everyone will be doing. It may just be mapping the area we learned about or making a table showing who ruled when.

Then we use the notebooking pages last. I just have them highlight a few of their favorite topics about the lesson and file it into the back of their MOH notebook. 

The challenge cards are something we just review with. We use them once a week as a review. I keep them filed in an index card box so I can easily get to them and so I don't lose any!

We have also made a timeline. Every 3 lessons we complete we are able to add to our timeline. You may buy the timeline people/places or you can just make your own like us! We have had a lot of fun with making a timeline it is truly uniquely ours!

3. Biblical

I love that my children are learning biblical topics within their history lessons. I love how this curriculum freely talks about salvation and the need for worshiping our Lord. 

4. Scripted Lessons/Plans/Activities

Even if I didn't have the cd's to read this for me I would be highly satisfied because the lesson is wrote out for me to read if needed. I have many times just read instead of listening to the recording but I find that I enjoy a break every once in a while too! 

I love that I can simply just open the book glance over my lesson activities and plans for the week and be done in less than 5 minutes. No planning on my part and that makes it very parent/teacher friendly. 

Not that I am lazy and couldn't do it but I am thankful that MOH saves me time so I don't have too!

5. I am learning too!

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned myself while teaching my kids. In school I despised history, after all I had to sit in a very uncomfortable desk and listen to the teacher read the lesson then answer 20 question all in complete sentences and lets just face it - I HATED IT.

So teaching my children with so many different learning styles has really appealed to us all. I can't begin to tell you how I would just read this for myself if my children where no longer interested but thankfully my children love history!!




  1. I agree! While I can't say I "love" it, I do really like it, for all the reasons you just mentioned :)

  2. I love Mystery of History and for all the reasons you listed! :D

  3. I used MOH one year with a jr. high student, 2 elementary students and 2 preschoolers - loved it! Teaching with multi-levels is a great way for all of us to be learning together. I really think that prepares them for real life more than anything. Thanks for sharing how you use MOH :)
    stopping by today from the Hearts for Home Blog Hop

  4. These are great reasons! We love it too!


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