Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dining Room { Re-Do }

Since we moved in I have updated this home. With time flying by and our home becoming more settled I couldn't wait to mark this one off my list!

I wanted my dining room re-done.

So we started with the floor when we first moved in that was one of the first things we invested in and it still is my favorite!


 Second I painted it a light gray but I hated it and had to go darker.

Since then I have loved it but couldn't take the orange wood color from the table so guess what - I decided I had to do something about it.

I love color however I was scared that I was going to mess something up but honestly I was to the point of thinking even the mistake would look better than the orange wood staring at me daily.

I practiced on a sofa table a few weeks ago and posted the picture on my Wordless Wednesday post and after I was satisfied with that I went to pick fabric.

Once I decided on the fabric from Joann with the help of my lovely assistant Lexi we picked colors for the chairs.

Lexi primed the chairs for me while I made my roman shades and once I finished that up I helped with the chairs. Kevin took the cushions off and that helped lots.

Once the chairs were dry I started painting them. We didn't sand the chairs because of the primer I used it wasn't for sanding. The wood that the set is made from is very hard to sand and on my practice piece I just couldn't get it to work so I changed my plan to the primer that I already had so no expense!

Now to the orange table. My momma gave me this table about a year ago. This was the table that I ate at as a child so I wanted to treat it with love and kindness but change the look. I was scared for two reasons 1- being a homeschool family I need my table! 2 - I didn't want my momma mad at me!

Here is the only picture that I could find with my orange wood table sorry I forgot to get pictures because I was so nervous!  This helps you see it at least!

Here is the final result after priming, painting the sides and legs but staining the top old leather! 

Zachary was breaking in the table not even 6 hours after getting it moved back in with our favorite Math U See!!
I love the way this turned out. It was a slow process simply because I took it little by little but I am so happy and pleased with the result. I probably only have about $70 in everything in this room excluding the flooring because the flooring would be hard to figure simply because this is our flooring throughout the entire house.

Happy Re- Do to you and your next project! You can do it I promise!


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