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Learning Wrap Ups { Review }

Ever heard of Learning Wrap Ups?

I had heard about them since before I started homeschooling however I didn't actually use them until a few years ago. Learning Wrap Ups have a huge variety of items and I was blessed to be able to review some items from them! 

Learning Wrap Ups was a creation of a 4th grade school teacher that was trying to find a way to help her students with multiplication facts!

What did we get to review?


This set has one base center with 12 cards. That is over 800 questions in our kit! Zachary is 9 and I used this with him. He is technically 3rd grade but loves math and does well at it. In this kit we reviewed and learned about whole numbers, geometry, fractions, decimals, percentages and some statistics. Now some of these where a little hard for him but overall we did pretty good with these awesome cards! 

Alexis is 10 and enjoyed using this set too. She is my struggling math learner but this helped her review some concepts that where hard to her in a fun way. Games are always our best way to review anyway so this is an awesome tool to bring inside my home. 

We loved this. We use this set almost every day. I have even come home from work a few nights and found it in Lexi's room! I would say that makes it a hit.

The learning palette is a large circle with colored disks. You insert a card of choice, on the card it will explain what you are supposed to be doing. You start with a color and match it to the answer. Once you are finished with the questions you or your child are able to flip the card over to see if the colors match. This helps see if you missed anything and helps the child be able to self-correct.


This kit was used with Zachary and again he is 9 years old but struggles with reading so I thought I would ask for a grade or two lower to accommodate his ability. 

This set reviews and introduces blends, digraphs, nouns, verbs, vocabulary and phonics. 

Zac did really great with these cards. Some we had to work together with but overall he was able to check do these independently with me just helping check to make sure his answers were right. 

Although Lexi is older she still used this set too! She is my busy beaver. She loves learning and these awesome kits make it fun, so why not learn?


All three of my children used this set; They are 13, 10 and 9.

The Basic Math Wrap Up Kit included addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. This was able to be used with all 3 of my children. We use these almost daily when they finish up their math lesson for the day as a way to drill! 

This set is a great set to have. It covers all the basic facts that a child needs to have a firm grasp on. These where very easy and engaging to my children. I didn't even have to ask them to grab one after our math lesson; sometimes they got them just to complete a few too. 

It was like a test for them to 1 - see how fast they could do them and 2 - to see if they missed anything.

They would time each other and see who could complete the wrap up fastest! 

I love that I didn't have to make them work with these items; they came up with creative way to drill each other using the Wrap Ups!


I never knew this kit existed! So I was shocked when it came up in the review! I was thrilled that there was a fun hands on way to introduce to my boys! After all both my boys are very hands on making these Wrap Up's a great asset. 

This set has 4 Wrap Up's: Antonyms, Synonyms, Homophones and Compound Words.

I was able to let Kyle - 13 and Lexi - 10 uses this set but Zachary just couldn't use this yet. This set was Lexi's favorite! I had to make her let Kyle use some of these a few times a week. She kept them in her room as her property. 

I have to admit these are hard ones! They took a little more explanation to the kids than the Math Wrap Ups but nothing that we didn't handle and still have fun with.

 $4.99 each

This is something that I used with Zachary (9) and Lexi (10). Lexi just completed her year's math which was on multiplication and Zachary is just starting so the multiplication book was used at 2 different paces. Lexi is finished but Zachary is not. We are taking it very slow because he doesn't have prior knowledge of all these facts. This book is mainly about using the Wrap Ups for mastering the facts. I used the addition book with Zachary and he completed that within 2 weeks with the Wrap Up's. Both books have some neat ways to teach some of the facts but over all just a helpful tool with the Wrap Up's.

$60 for a year

Up to 5 children included. You get all the math and reading palettes together. 

You can see a free demo of the online program here

This was very fun and my children really enjoyed playing with the online version even though we had the physical product. Learning Palette has over 7,000 fun educational questions for your children. I highly recommend this because I was able to use all levels with my children. All three of my kids used this program. Kyle who is 13 used several math and reading levels not just one! This was my favorite aspect of the program! Of course our children have learning gaps so being able to change them to different levels was awesome! 

Alexis preferred the physical product better but this way she was able to do multiple levels instead of just the one set we had.

Age Range for these products is K - 5th grade!

What did we think?

Oh, we loved everything! The best part of this review was that so much of this was game style learning. My boys are very hands on and I was pleased to offer them such great resources. I loved that my kids enjoyed using this products and honestly I wondered if Lexi even realized she was learning. I enjoyed that the majority of these products used a self-correcting method so my children could see when they made a mistake and try to figure out where and why.

The only drawback that I see in the products is the pricing. It's a little steep to me personally from my homeschool budget but for hands on learning they are a great item to have.

I have nothing but love for Learning Wrap Ups!! 

They also have love for you!! They are offering you a 20% off coupon "HOMESCHOOL" on your purchase!

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