Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 41

This week was another fun week. Since the majority of our main subjects and curriculum are complete we have started our more relaxed schooling and it feels good.

The hot days have made for some fun play but also for more staying in the house in the a/c too!

This week I finally  had time  made time to stock up my ready mixes! I had been needing to do this but work, school and life just kept stopping me and taking my time. When I am at work it is hard for Kevin to make brownies, cornbread or biscuits so I knew he needed this restocked. It only took me about 10 minutes to make all 3 ready mixes and I love seeing them full! 

Kyle finished Math U See Zeta this week!! Happy for him because he has worked really hard on this level with much practice, review and hard work! Congrats Kyle!

 Look at Rover! He is so cute and as he is getting bigger he still thinks he is 10 lbs!

Tuesday Kevin was able to take Kyle on a daddy/son day out. They had been trying to find them time and money to get away and Tuesday they finally done it.

With the hot weather we hit the pool this week too! I love my Aunt Pearl for always letting us come invade her space!

Alexis is my book worm, You all should already know that but not only has she completed everything for her year but I went through my stock pile of  "other stuff" and let her pick some things to work through. She completed 3 more workbooks Thursday! 1 - A state/capital workbook 2 - An Ocean Life Workbook and 3rd The Classical Conversation Prescripts review item we reviewed. She loves that workbook but she had misplaced it and some how it ended up in the "other pile" and she was glad to find it and complete it. Good Job Lexi -Poo.

My dad took the kids out Wednesday for a spoiling of course and she got a new cute Owl Piggy Bank. Zachary got new boots and Kyle a new bow target. He also took them to eat Chinese food. Days like this is why I love to homeschool. I love the flexibility that I get with it. I didn't have to plan it around them getting out of school or anything I was able to just say "Daddy when you want them you come get them!"

 My project for the week. I started it Wednesday. I only started with one to test everything on! I with the help of Lexi, primed the dining room chair, removed the cushion, painted it, applied semi gloss coats to seal it and then finally recovered the seat cushion. I love it!

Next week Kevin is on vacation and I will be doing my entire dining room set - table and all! The table is getting the top re-stained and the sides and legs painted and the other chairs on going to look like the one I tested. 


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