Friday, August 29, 2014

Foster Care { Update }


We are completely finished with everything on our end to become Foster Parents! I can't tell you how relieved I am to have all the paperwork, class time and interviews complete!

My family has prayed for this for months and months and to be so close is so exciting and honestly a little scary. The Lord has lead us up to this point and I know he will continue, we just have to let him. 

I can't wait for that little one to bless my family and for us to hopefully do the same for its life. 

Over the last several months these verses of scripture has helped me to prepare for our new journey:

James 1:27  
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Psalms 82: 3 
 Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

Mark 16:15 
 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation...

Proverbs 31: 8  
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

So with all that I urge you to prayerfully consider what God would have you offer to a child that is in need. 

Please consider watching these very short videos on foster care and the effects it has.  

And last but not least please pray for my family as we adventure into this new chapter of our life. It should be about a month before we have an addition or two to welcome in and try to help them heal from what they have witnessed. 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Reading Plan {1st - 8 Weeks }

This year we are really going to stress reading time. I have been a total slacker before on this issue but mainly because I didn't want to push Kyle because he hated reading however my thoughts have changed a little about this as I have watched him become more interested with certain books.

Now don't get me wrong we have always read tons of books as read alouds or with unit studies and honestly I have never had to ask Lexi to go read because she wakes up with a book in her hand and goes to sleep about the same way. She is a natural reader who enjoys the task and loves it.

This school year with my olders being well OLDER, as in a high schooler!! { YIKES } I believe it is time to make him do things that have to be done whether he likes it or not. I want him to enjoy this and by introducing him to the Can You Survive Series has helped tons with his enjoyment with reading! You can read about that here. Since that post we have now collected 14 of those books and he reads some of them almost daily. I love that! 

Lexi on the other hand is total opposite so she has never had one bad experience with reading.

Here are the choices I made for our first 8 weeks schooling. We start school September 2nd and this will be what they are expected to read within the first 8 weeks. 

Moby Dick
Mr. Lincoln's Drummer
The Family Under The Bridge
Around the World in 80 Days
Harry Houdini

Tabby in the Tub
Mare in the Meadow
Little Woman
The Frog
The Giraffe
The Sea Lion

I will be requiring 3 book reports throughout this period. I honestly don't care how long the report is but I do want some basic information such as: a rating on the book, tell me about some new words they learned, setting, characters, how did they feel about the main character, what was the climax, favorite part, did they learn a lesson from the story, like or dislike the book. 

Zachary isn't included in this simply because of his struggle with reading. While the older two are reading Zachary and I will continue our alone reading together. He will read however I will not make a reading list for him at this time. 

This is just a little peek into some of our plans for our years reading. Start out slow and steady and I hope to finish well with my children enjoying what they are reading.

Do you make reading plans?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday { Last Break }


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day!

Today we celebrate Rover. We got him over 6 months ago and have loved him so much. Watching him grow has been so fun, teaching him tricks and commands and just loving him. We chose Rover for our son Kyle, who had wanted a German Shepherd for several years but it was just bad timing. When my husband and I went to pick him we prayed that the Lord would allow us to pick the right dog for Kyle's personality. We looked and narrowed it down to two babies but Rover won simply because he wanted to be loved on without whining or wanting down. He was a playful little man and so we thought it would be awesome to get him. Bringing him home to Kyle was a day I will not forget - The joy and love he had for Rover was huge and I am glad to say after all this time Rover and Kyle are still best friends. 

Today Rover is 8 months old and he loves his play time with anyone but he wants it from Kyle. He loves his morning walk with us as a family (we walk 2 miles in the mornings) and if he misses it for some reason he pouts! 

He loves balls, I personally believe he has an obsession with any kind of ball! He popped our Volleyball, Soccer ball and Basketball! So when the boys play basketball Rover has to be placed in our back yard but it isn't without anger from him, he will pace the fence and bark the entire time the boys play.

Today is your day Rover, we love you! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not Back To School 2014/2015

Today our county schools started back to school. I have my precious nieces that are in Kindergarten and First grade along with my nephew in 9th grade! I pray that they have an awesome day today but today has a different meaning for my family.

Today celebrates my freedom to homeschool my 3 kids - FREEDOM that took a lot of work from early parents that had the same believes as me. Thank you to all of those that fought for me to be able to keep my children at home and teach them as I see fit. 

Normally we do something to celebrate but today we had a different circumstance. I had to take both boys to the Dr. this morning, Kyle has had a sore throat since Saturday night and last night Zachary started complaining about his ears. They both have strep throat so nothing exciting for them today. After the Dr. they did feel like a milkshake so I got them that to enjoy on our Not Back To School day. 

Now we are at home crashing and being lazy before I have to go to work. They are getting a special treat with being allowed to play the PlayStations and Wii because it is a celebration day and they can't celebrate any other way with the way they feel.

Are you celebrating a NOT back to school day ??


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo { Review }

I know before I get started I have to comment on the name! Wizzy Gizmo - you're asking what in the world... That's how I was several weeks ago but man does the odd name stick! My kids are actually huge fans of this silly name.

Until the review came I had never heard of Wizzy Gizmo, so let me tell you a little about them and what they offer before we begin in on my review of what I received.

Wizzy Gizmo is an inventor who makes learning the Bible fun! I guess you could say he invents great new ways to learn the Bible but most importantly he loves God! Wizzy Gizmo is a character created for use in all the products offered whether it is within their audio dramas, bible books or fast track cards. The creators of Wizzy Gizmo have one thing in common - They want kids to learn more about our God and become Christians like themselves.

What did we review?

We received the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament. This set contains 27 cards and are only $14.99.

The Fast Track Bible Pack is 27 large flash cards that contain information about the summary of the book, key chapters, people and doctrines. The large cards are packed full of great information front and back!

There are so many ways to use this item that we haven't actually even been able to use them all but this is what we have been doing some of.

The front of the card contains all the information about the book such as who wrote the book and when it was wrote, etc. The back of the card is an outline of all details such as the passages, chapters and people. 

These cards are an awesome study tool for any age. I have used these as exactly that a study tool but honestly not just for my kids; I have studied several of the cards for myself.

We have picked one card per week of this review. Each day we have read the summary and theme of the card trying to memorize the author of the book, dates and some of the key verses. This is actually really hard for me but the kids seem to be learning it really good. I allowed each child to pick a book for the week, Lexi chose Matthew, Kyle picked Hebrews, Zachary picked John and I choose Ephesians. 

I can't begin to tell you the facts that we learned together and the way this worked our brain. The Bible is something so very important and I want my children to know all that I can possibly teach but I could never have thought of all the information on the cards that are ready and easy for me to pick and go.

I actually have great plans to incorporate this into our schooling by using this with some copywork beginning in September when we start back. 

With having children ages 9, 11 and 14, I could use this several different ways. I actually believe Kyle could use this on his own to review the summary of the books, dates, people and key verses while allowing him to use it for copywork too but with Lexi and Zachary they need me to drill it with them. 

This would be an awesome tool for your homeschool or Sunday School class! When we start school in September you will be seeing this item in some of my posts throughout our homeschooling week.

 I can not recommend the Fast Track Bible Pack enough.

Find Wizzy Gizmo on Facebook, Twitter,  

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Wordless Wednesday Week 52


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 14th Baby Boy

I can't believe that today 14 years ago God blessed me with becoming a mother! Kyle was a joy to bring into this world and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. At this age Kyle is enjoying reading (finally), hunting and a few other things! LOVE YOU BABY BOY!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Kids Love Publications { Review & Giveaway }

While having a blast at the NCHE Conference this year and being on the Blogger Team for NCHE I had the privilege to meet Mrs. Zavatsky, she is the author of Kids Love Guides. These guides are a large book with hundreds of places to travel and explore for the homeschool budget. Her family had the awesome task of testing out all these places before adding them into all the great guides they offer in hopes to help my and your family save time and have a great resource at our disposal.

The book Michele provided me with was Kids Love the Carolinas. This book is a whopping 386 pages long. The book is divided into North Carolina which is the state I live and South Carolina but to make it easier with finding places you may want to visit or places to travel too she has the state broken down into areas or regions so that you can do a fast scan of the area you are going too. 

Along in the book she has some great tips for you like before you leave and while you are on the road. She also has some great tips on how to save money.

I personally have found several places that are within a 2 to 3 hour drive that I never knew about and it would present a great day trip for my family with little money. There are many sites that are within this book that are some of my family’s favorite places to visit and I was thrilled to see them inside because of our love for them. 

Once you look up the area/region you are interested in you will find many attractions that are in that specific area.  Once you find an attraction that you think is of interest there is a great description of the place so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. I love how it lists all the basic information without having to call or look online because let’s face it if we are traveling I normally do not have internet reception. The prices and hours of operation are always found in the description too.

Over all this is a great book to help you learn about attractions that you may never hear of. I love how there is so much information for the attraction which really helps me save time. Most places they have visited and places in their books are little to no charge!

Another item I found of interest is their Interstate Guides! They have one for I-75 & I-95 but I personally would love one for I-40 since that is what I travel almost all the time!

Kids Love the Carolinas book retails for $19.95 but it is on sale for $17.95 and there is an option for an eBook for immediate download and with all the information within I would say it is totally worth it!

Michele has generously offered a giveaway for one of my readers to win a Guide for your family! 
The guides are available for:
Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Carolinas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia,Wisconsin and Kids Love I-75 & Kids Love I-95.

Rules for Giveaway: Shipping only in US. Winner will be drawn Saturday 8/23 and winner will have 24 hrs to respond or another winner will be picked. Rafflecopter is the tool I use to chose the winner. I will need your mailing address to pass to Michele for prize fulfillment.

So check out and find Michele on Facebook and Twitter


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash { Review & Giveaway }

Guys I have something so nice and refreshing from the newest member of Dial!! I just can't tell you how excited I am every new product because they are just always awesome!

If you read any of my reviews from Dial or Purex you know that I love smelly things! This was no exception. 

This new product is Coconut Water Refreshing Mango body wash! This is the first time that Coconut water and mango have been added together and let you tell you it smells wonderful and feels just as awesome on your skin. It feels so clean and healthy and the scent is so heavenly.  Coconut water is the leading trend known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that help with hydration. Mango is known for being nutrient rich and adds a touch of that tropical freshness that makes me feel beachy! 

Dial is a company dedicated to bringing healthy products to their customers because they understand how important it is to you.

So obviously with this being body wash you just simply get in to your shower and get your pouf and apply a very small amount of body wash and scrub and enjoy the wonderful smell and feeling that it gives your skin. I will also say that my smallest son wanted to take a bath and he asked for bubbles but since they are old enough that I do not buy bubble bath any longer I simply added a little of this to his bath and yummm - He smelled wonderful at the end of his bath time. This is a product that is not only for woman. The fragrance is for the whole family!
I wish I could have a scratch and smell sticker right here ____ but because technology just hasn't got there yet I can't but I do have a great giveaway for you to be able to enter to win a coupon for a free bottle for yourself! 

Must be in the US. Winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter Friday night. Winner will have 24 hrs to respond to email or another winner will be chosen.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Menu Monday Aug 11/14


Tatter-tot Casserole
Baked Spaghetti

Beanie Weenie's 
Cheese Bread

Popcorn Chicken


Left Overs


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Away We Go Media Russia { Review }

Back in November I had a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Away We Go Media & Carole P. Roman by the Schoolhouse Review Crew and you can read that review here if you would like.

I love that Carole started writing over a dare from her son!

I was since contacted by Away We Go Media for a review of my choice of books once again. This time my babies asked to read If You Were Me and Lived in Russia; A child's introduction to culture around the world. 

We received the physical book, a passport, flag pencil, Russian Flag and a globe key chain!

One thing that I love about these books is that you really do get to see the entire culture of the country you are reading about. 

The book starts off making sure you understand where the country is located then takes you on a field trip book style. You see some wonderful illustrations of Moscow and the buildings you would see, then about your home and what you would call your parents. I personally was thankful for the pronunciation help because I wanted to totally say some of the words right! After all I do not speak Russian. 

I love that after reading this I have been called "mamochka" (momma) several times by Lexi and Zachary. I think it is super cute and proves they listened and enjoyed the book!  

My babies want to learn to play chess thanks to this awesome book. They learned that it is an extremely popular game in Russia. We also learned that we do a lot of things just like Russian families so it was great to see and teach that although we are of different culture some things are always similar.

The book was 26 pages of fun filled life of Russia life. My children are 11 & 9 and all of us enjoyed reading this book together and learning more about a life and culture that is foreign to us.

We currently have the following books in our collection:
South Korea

If you too want to take a great cultural field trip via book find them here or on Amazon for only $8.99.