Thursday, August 7, 2014

New School Year 2014/2015

Well the old school year has been completed and we are gearing up for the new school year! We normally don't take more than a 2 week break but man oh man we just needed too at this point and time in our life. Finding a normal routine has been a struggle for me for several reasons and with that it comes with a price to my family, my body, my brain and my soul. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a very routine person and I strive to have that balance but lately it just fails to be there. I thought maybe we just needed a break. We have done no school work or any school related activity for a month! It has been years since we took a break that long but I must say it has felt so good.

With the new school year approaching I wanted to share some of our new curriculum and plans for this school year.

Our official start date is September 1st!

First and foremost I haven't announced it here on my blog but after long prayer and time making sure this was God's will, Kevin and I are becoming licensed Foster Parents. We have completed all the classes and are just waiting on a fire inspection for us to be completely finished. I know this will present challenges for our homeschool and daily life but I am willing to work my way through it with God's grace and mercy daily as he shows me what I am capable of through him. I know there are children out there that not only need a nice, loving place to feel safe but I know they need introduced to our Lord and Savior. We could have our first foster placement by the end of August.

Alright well this year I have a high schooler!!!!!! I can't believe it and it scares me to death! I have had to start planning for his transcript and get some clarification about it and I've learned about credits. The joy of having a high schooler is great because I see that he is growing and learning but I miss him being my snuggle partner. 

Kyle 9th Grade Year
MUS Pre-Algebra & Algebra
All About Spelling 5 & 6
Easy Grammar 9
Wordly Wise
Geography 1
Mystery of History
Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry & Physics
ASL (this is his foreign language)

I have chosen several books for him to read through this year on his own.

Alexis 6th Grade Year
MUS Delta
All About Spelling 4 & 5
Growing With Grammar 7
Wordly Wise
Geography 1
Handwriting Without Tears - Cursive
Mystery of History
Daily Science (still undecided if she will join Kyle or do something her own)
Home Economics

I have books picked out for her year as well.

Zachary 4th Grade Year
MUS Gamma
All About Spelling 1 & 2
Growing With Grammar 2
Daily Copywork
Mystery of History
Daily Science
Explode The Code Book 2, 3 & 4 (first time using these but we should go through book 1 fast)

This year I am going back to my workbox system. The last 3 years I haven't used it properly, I've just used it to allow them to store there entire curriculum in and paper and completed work but this year we are going to be using it just the way it is intended. Everything placed inside each workbox will be completed. Workboxes helped me stay more organized and I believe it will do the same with the kids. 

Science and History we have always done together but with Kyle getting more advanced than the other two I need to rethink that one area. Mystery of History I believe we will be fine doing like we always have and just branching the smallers off and Kyle just having extra work to discover the topic himself. Science I am up in the air about honestly. I love Christian Kids Explore and that is 100% what Kyle will be using but I am not sure about Lexi and Zac.

Alright that is what my thoughts are for our new year! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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