Monday, August 25, 2014

Not Back To School 2014/2015

Today our county schools started back to school. I have my precious nieces that are in Kindergarten and First grade along with my nephew in 9th grade! I pray that they have an awesome day today but today has a different meaning for my family.

Today celebrates my freedom to homeschool my 3 kids - FREEDOM that took a lot of work from early parents that had the same believes as me. Thank you to all of those that fought for me to be able to keep my children at home and teach them as I see fit. 

Normally we do something to celebrate but today we had a different circumstance. I had to take both boys to the Dr. this morning, Kyle has had a sore throat since Saturday night and last night Zachary started complaining about his ears. They both have strep throat so nothing exciting for them today. After the Dr. they did feel like a milkshake so I got them that to enjoy on our Not Back To School day. 

Now we are at home crashing and being lazy before I have to go to work. They are getting a special treat with being allowed to play the PlayStations and Wii because it is a celebration day and they can't celebrate any other way with the way they feel.

Are you celebrating a NOT back to school day ??