Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Reading Plan {1st - 8 Weeks }

This year we are really going to stress reading time. I have been a total slacker before on this issue but mainly because I didn't want to push Kyle because he hated reading however my thoughts have changed a little about this as I have watched him become more interested with certain books.

Now don't get me wrong we have always read tons of books as read alouds or with unit studies and honestly I have never had to ask Lexi to go read because she wakes up with a book in her hand and goes to sleep about the same way. She is a natural reader who enjoys the task and loves it.

This school year with my olders being well OLDER, as in a high schooler!! { YIKES } I believe it is time to make him do things that have to be done whether he likes it or not. I want him to enjoy this and by introducing him to the Can You Survive Series has helped tons with his enjoyment with reading! You can read about that here. Since that post we have now collected 14 of those books and he reads some of them almost daily. I love that! 

Lexi on the other hand is total opposite so she has never had one bad experience with reading.

Here are the choices I made for our first 8 weeks schooling. We start school September 2nd and this will be what they are expected to read within the first 8 weeks. 

Moby Dick
Mr. Lincoln's Drummer
The Family Under The Bridge
Around the World in 80 Days
Harry Houdini

Tabby in the Tub
Mare in the Meadow
Little Woman
The Frog
The Giraffe
The Sea Lion

I will be requiring 3 book reports throughout this period. I honestly don't care how long the report is but I do want some basic information such as: a rating on the book, tell me about some new words they learned, setting, characters, how did they feel about the main character, what was the climax, favorite part, did they learn a lesson from the story, like or dislike the book. 

Zachary isn't included in this simply because of his struggle with reading. While the older two are reading Zachary and I will continue our alone reading together. He will read however I will not make a reading list for him at this time. 

This is just a little peek into some of our plans for our years reading. Start out slow and steady and I hope to finish well with my children enjoying what they are reading.

Do you make reading plans?


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