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Wizzy Gizmo { Review }

I know before I get started I have to comment on the name! Wizzy Gizmo - you're asking what in the world... That's how I was several weeks ago but man does the odd name stick! My kids are actually huge fans of this silly name.

Until the review came I had never heard of Wizzy Gizmo, so let me tell you a little about them and what they offer before we begin in on my review of what I received.

Wizzy Gizmo is an inventor who makes learning the Bible fun! I guess you could say he invents great new ways to learn the Bible but most importantly he loves God! Wizzy Gizmo is a character created for use in all the products offered whether it is within their audio dramas, bible books or fast track cards. The creators of Wizzy Gizmo have one thing in common - They want kids to learn more about our God and become Christians like themselves.

What did we review?

We received the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament. This set contains 27 cards and are only $14.99.

The Fast Track Bible Pack is 27 large flash cards that contain information about the summary of the book, key chapters, people and doctrines. The large cards are packed full of great information front and back!

There are so many ways to use this item that we haven't actually even been able to use them all but this is what we have been doing some of.

The front of the card contains all the information about the book such as who wrote the book and when it was wrote, etc. The back of the card is an outline of all details such as the passages, chapters and people. 

These cards are an awesome study tool for any age. I have used these as exactly that a study tool but honestly not just for my kids; I have studied several of the cards for myself.

We have picked one card per week of this review. Each day we have read the summary and theme of the card trying to memorize the author of the book, dates and some of the key verses. This is actually really hard for me but the kids seem to be learning it really good. I allowed each child to pick a book for the week, Lexi chose Matthew, Kyle picked Hebrews, Zachary picked John and I choose Ephesians. 

I can't begin to tell you the facts that we learned together and the way this worked our brain. The Bible is something so very important and I want my children to know all that I can possibly teach but I could never have thought of all the information on the cards that are ready and easy for me to pick and go.

I actually have great plans to incorporate this into our schooling by using this with some copywork beginning in September when we start back. 

With having children ages 9, 11 and 14, I could use this several different ways. I actually believe Kyle could use this on his own to review the summary of the books, dates, people and key verses while allowing him to use it for copywork too but with Lexi and Zachary they need me to drill it with them. 

This would be an awesome tool for your homeschool or Sunday School class! When we start school in September you will be seeing this item in some of my posts throughout our homeschooling week.

 I can not recommend the Fast Track Bible Pack enough.

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