Monday, September 22, 2014

Beautiful Sunburst Art Project

I already have expressed several times since our school year started about all the art and drawing that my children requested for this year. This is another wonderful project that I found on Pinterest that we decided to complete.

You need watercolor paper ( I didn't have any and we used regular paper) watercolors, ruler and pencil. 

I personally prepped the paper with the ruler and circle simply because I didn't want them to get "too perfect" with everything and not have fun. 

I just divided the paper up first with a large X from one side to another and kept going from there, making smaller portions until I was satisfied.

 I took a small bowl and made a circle in the middle of my paper and erased all the lines within the circle.

Now it was ready for the kids to paint away! 

Painting is one of their favorite things to do so that was one reason I knew this project would be a great fit.

Everyone loved the way their piece turned out and I love them so much I am getting a frame to place them in and I have found the perfect place for them in our home!


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  1. What a cute idea! Watercolors are a big hit at our house and my first grader would love this art project.


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