Thursday, September 4, 2014

Circle C Beginnings { Review }

While wondering around the awesome vendor fair at the NCHE conference back in May I came across the Circle C Adventure booth. Being along with just hubby I was able to stop and look without the expectation of buying because you see Lexi loves horses, remember her birthday gift?? 

She has had a large obsession with them for about 2 years now. 

 So after looking at the books I thought they would be a great read for Lexi. I had never seen these books before and I really thought that she would enjoy the appeal of the horses and adventure within. 

I got out my card and gave it to Susan and said "If you would ever like a review for these books I would be happy too." And before leaving she said yes, we would love that and handed me the first book in the series, Andi's Pony Trouble.

I had saved the book for Lexi to read during her school year and since we just started Tuesday guess what? She has already completed the book in only 2 days! She loves to read but I believe she also loved the story.

Here is what my 11 year old lovely daughter has to say about Andi's Pony Trouble:

Andi was a curious little girl who is 6 and didn't like chores. She didn't like the roster Henry the VIII {Lexi doesn't like our roster either}. Andi had Coco which was the hand me down pony because all the other family members had him. She didn't like Coco very much she thought he was slow. She wanted a bigger horse and on her birthday she got a new horse named Taffy.

I really liked this book and would like to have the rest.  

Alright so it's me again. Lexi is 11 and these books are geared for 6-8 year olds but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy this book, which she did. 

I also want to point out that there are free activity pages to download for each book. 

There are 6 books in the Circle C Beginnings Series.

Circle C author Susan Marlow has other books that are Circle C Adventures with books ideal for ages 9-14 which would be a perfect Christmas gift for Lexi!

You can find them on Facebook or here at their store.


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