Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drawing & Art Desires

At the end of our school year the one thing my children said they wanted more of was art/drawing. When they said that I wasn't so sure I could incorporate it into our day but with the first week going very smooth it was fit it to a spot I believe it was meant for. 

Their desire was just to have more "fun time" I think but no matter what the reason we have really enjoyed the time and have created some great drawings together.

So for the last several months I have tried to build ideas on my Arts & Crafts Pinterest board and that is where my ideas have come from for the first 2 projects.

Owls ~ Alexis and I love Owls, their all the trend but with these I told them to try to add a bold flair to their picture. Man I think they did!

First I got some print offs of Owl sketches and cut them out so they could chose which they wanted. Next I told them to sketch very lightly onto their paper and then we started the bold concept!

Thursday - Scarecrows

I am so ready for Fall and it is so close only 2 weeks away! On our walks in the mornings we have seen the leaves changing and I thought it would be a fun drawing.

I again found this idea on Pinterest too, just printed off the step by step drawing instructions and we started sketching on cardstock. After everyone sketched we outlined everything with a black sharpie and then started decorating our sketches. Kyle wanted his scary and I think he got that portrayed. Lexi wanted her's to look sweet and helpful and Zachary and I just wanted him to look like a Scarecrow!


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