Monday, September 1, 2014

Game Fun

Our house may be a little different and that is totally fine by me but I have to say I love my life. Our homeschooling craziness is awesome followed by a wonderfully crazy life that is inter-twined. 

My family doesn't do much screen time so we have other ways to enjoy our time whether it be outside walking, playing or just hanging out alone for a few quite moments. One of our favorite things to do together is to play board games. I believe this stems from their right brain learning ability! 

It seems that this summer the kids have really played one daily. I love the laughter that fills my home when they are playing and having fun. The picture above is my rocking chair in our living room, it stays full of board games until I ask that they be put away in the proper place!

We have over 50 board/card games in our home. Some we have bought new but the majority we have gotten second hand. 

I posted here earlier in the year about Teaching Money The Fun Way (with games of course) you can read that after you finish here!

So I asked them what was their favorite games and this was their response:

She picked Checkers because she said it is fun and she is good at it. Great reason.

He said Blokus is fun because it is a fast game.

Kyle loves Risk, He plays it often, he even bought the game for his friends birthday gift. He said he loves it because it is a strategy game and it is true to how wars start and happen.


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