Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Read Aloud Favorites

Today the Schoolhouse Review Crew is posting about Chapter Books To Read Aloud!

We have had read aloud time since my first child was born, really I have read to my children even before that actually. I love reading to my babies. I can't remember my parents ever reading to me so I want my kids to have some great memories of all the cuddle time we have had while reading some awesome books.

Over the years we have enjoyed such a wide topic of chapter books and here are some of our personal favorites.

Soft Rain - About the Trail of Tears, this book is a personal favorite of mine. We cried while reading this book. I will never forget that memory we shared as a family. One thing I stressed was this could have been us because we have Cherokee in our blood.

Anne of Green Gables - We fell in love with this free spirit and really enjoyed reading about her but then watching the series brought her to life for us which was so fun!

The Magic Tree House Series - Each of my children have enjoyed these books at one point or time. Zachary and I are just getting into reading them right now and my plan is to read the set with him throughout our school year. 

Charlotte's Web - The movie is great but the book is much better.

Mr. Popper's Penguins - The book was hilarious and you could imagine so much from the words!

The Imagination Station Series - I love this christian set. This is very similar to The Magic Tree House but I love them both for different reasons.

Robinson Crusoe - This was my oldest sons first chapter book and he loved it so much. He has read this book multiple times because it is still a personal favorite of his.

Little House Series - Who doesn't love all the adventures to follow with this family? I know we do!

Christian Heroes - This set of books is the best books on the planet! If you do not own any from YWAM publishing I encourage you to please order some for your household. We have loved learning about all the missionaries an christian hero's that have fought for God in so many various ways. It is encouraging to see the will that these awesome people have/had for God. Great books for my children to learn to follow God no matter the circumstance and cost.

Can You Survive Series - This is an interactive set of books that you chose your own path as you read through the adventure! My kids have really gotten into these books and we know own 15. I wrote here about them the first time.

What are some of your favorite chapter books for your young children?


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