Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up #1

This was our first week back at school and man have we had a lot of fun this week. The first weeks are the best because everyone is excited and happy! 

Our routine this week went great. Get up walk our 2 miles with Rover come back and eat breakfast while talking and reading about our Bible and then start our school work. First we have been doing MOH because that is the only item we have together this year.

Then the kids are getting into their workboxes that I have set up for them. I am not setting the workboxes up each day but just having everything they need for that day within our workboxes. 

A few new publishers we are using are:

Nancy Larson Science (Lexi & Zac)
Brain Food Workbooks from The Thinking Tree (Dyslexia Games - Zachary)
Wordly Wise (Lexi & Kyle)

Kyle's favorite this week has been Wordly Wise! Who would have guessed?? Not me! Thankful for that surprise! 

Alexis has enjoyed her Growing With Grammar 7 best.

Zachary also enjoyed his new Growing With Grammar best.

My favorite this week has been Nancy Larson Science, Mystery of History and our drawing that we have incorporated every other day!

Unfortunately, Lexi and I are sick and have been for the last 2 days with some sort of cold/sinus issue. I feel horrible today and we cut schooling a little short by watching some Liberty Kids Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts! Never have watched this before but I bought it for this year because they had been on sale for only $5 for the entire set, over 14 hrs worth of history. We enjoyed the first 2 episodes pretty good!

The kids have already made great process on their first book choices. I was surprised that Kyle picked to read Around the World in 80 Days but then to tell him that it was based on a true story made him really dig in, he thought that was really awesome, He is in chapter 12 already! Alexis read an additional book that wasn't on her reading plan (because I forgot to place it on the reading plan) in 2 days and has since picked Little Women to read, she is in chapter 6 right now.

Kevin's schooling is going really good, he is learning so much he comes home and talks about a lot of stuff that I might not always understand but I am giving him my ear. Love that he has such a large heart for learning more about Our Lord & Savior daily.

First week was a great big success! 

I hope your week was too! 

Blessings ~



  1. We watched the entire Liberty's Kids series last year and my kids loved it. They plan to watch the entire thing on our next drive to Florida. Great first week!

  2. What an awesome first week. Great pictures! So sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you are 100% soon. Thanks for linking up with "My Week in Review." Hope you can join us again this week.


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