Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 3

Guys I sure hope everyone had an awesome week! We sure did.

Monday is honestly a blur, Tuesday my heart was broken with some sad news about my grandpa (please pray for my family and him) and Wednesday was the last day I personally was able to relax because Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are always full speed.

I believe our art projects these week are my favorite yet. I absolutely loved both so very much. I don't know how I am going to showcase them but I do see having to buy 3 more frames to display them throughout the house and just change them out! I already have a DIY Masterpiece board that I made and love but it can only hold so much! 

We are really enjoying some of our new additions greatly. Nancy Larson Science has been something that Zac and Lexi are loving. They love the hands on approach of this science and they love the notebooking that is included (which is my personal favorite) want to learn more about our view on Nancy Larson Science? Read my post here.

Zachary is moving right along with Dyslexia Games (The Thinking Tree). This is an item that was provided to me at the very beginning of our school year that I had been hoping to get to use. I have a post coming about it next week but just take a look at what they have to offer if you have a struggling child like I do. He actually loves the work pages. He asks everyday to do them first!!! I believe he loves the challenge of them honestly but I just love the fact that he is enjoying them.

Last but not least Explode The Code. Zac is doing great with this! He actually enjoys this. I believe he likes it because it is very to the point, it doesn't have "busy" pages for him to get distracted and he easily does 3 - 4 pages a day. We started with book 2 because honestly we didn't know where to start but I thought even if it was a little review it would be great! I will have to have book 3 soon!

Just an update on All About Spelling because I absolutely love them tons and tons! Kyle is going to finish Level 4 next week! YIKES. Alexis is working through and is a little over half way in Level 4 at this point. Zachary --- GUESS WHAT? Only has 3 more lessons left in Level 1! I am so proud of him, I am proud of all of them! I love you All About Spelling you have done wonders for my boys, Lexi is a natural speller but needs the rules but I couldn't have done it without you! Trust me I tried!

We did a little mulching this week and the last load guess what started falling? No not money that I always wish for - Rain but we finished anyway!

Lastly some randomness in our home. Love that the Pizza Hut Book It program accepts homeschoolers. Love that my kids get excited for our little pizza outings! 

My beautiful roses got beat to death after a rain early in the week so we cut some and brought them in for our viewing pleasure! They make me happy.

A review item that I can honestly say I love to death. Kyle actually likes it too. I have tried not to say a lot about it but we love IEW Fix It Grammar. We are in book 1 and on week 4 right now. I think it helped Kyle to meet Andrew Pudewa early in the year because he makes reference to it sometimes when he is doing his lessons! Review will be coming around September 29th! 

Have a great weekend! 

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