Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 4 {Late}

Last week I had computer issues and am just now getting that fixed, so this is up late but always better late than never! 

I can't believe we are ready in week 4!! Where has the time went? Only 2 more weeks and we have a break coming! 

The weather at the beginning of the week was gorgeous so the kids had a little fun with some water! 

We had a great art project to welcome Autumn.

Huge news for Zachary - He finished All About Spelling Level 1! I am beyond thrilled for him because this has been a huge challenge for him. I am so very proud.

Zac is moving right along in his Brain Food book and enjoying every moment of it.

Alexis was so scared to start her new math level this year because she said it looked so hard but I am so happy that she has changed her mind. She is doing wonderful with division and she said it actually wasn't that hard after all.

Some more awesome Nancy Larson Science 2 projects. I love the hands on approach and that everything is so easy for me to teach!  

Zac writing with the help of some wonderful prompt cards from WriteShop. He loves writing stories from these cards but the pictures that he draws to go with them can be hilarious. 

Last but not least some awesome history fun with Mystery of History. I love this history curriculum and so glad we decided to use it again. We are half way through volume 1. 

Now some miscellaneous stuff within our week!

So about Thursday the weather was totally COLD! Autumn has really showed her cooler air and I love it but because it was chilli that day I made hot cocoa and this was the first for the year. 

Kyle trying to beat Daddy at a game of checkers!

 Sweet notes from Zachary!

Saturday my family and a few from church participated in a Walk for Life to help support our local pregnancy center and praise be to God there was over $20,000 raised for them! Walking was the least I could do for such a worthy cause. 

Alexis enjoyed getting her face painted while walking.

Sunday I made an old fashion apple cake for desert at my grandparents and my family enjoyed it! Fall is here so apple and pumpkin everything is too!

Sure hope you had a great week last week and are blessed this week too!


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