Monday, September 8, 2014

Writing Help

In May I was honored to attend our state homeschool convention, NCHE and be on the blogger team for 2014. During that convention I learned a lot of ideas and techniques on how I could teach writing differently so with this school year beginning I want to remember some of the points that I took away from one of Andrew Pudewa's sessions.


I don't enjoy being corrected. No matter if it is in a polite way or not, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.  

When I am going to edit Kyle and Lexi's work this year I will not mark on their sheets. I understand how very hard they worked on what they are presenting me with so I will use a page protector and correct that way. I don't want to ruin any work that they have poured their effort, energy and time over.

Decide on one or two skills to really correct and work on that until mastered and then move on to a few other skills that need attention that way your reinforcing previous taught ones.


I personally always thought that it was a bad thing to help too much when it came to writing. I have always helped my youngers but drew the line about 11 years old or so and expected them to figure it out however I don't like thinking that my child is struggling just simply because they can't think of something to write. I have used prompt books and cards for the last several years and that has seemed to really help. 

Don't be afraid to help and I do think it's impossible to help them too much, now that doesn't mean that you are going to do their assignment for them!

Don't compare your children. It just doesn't make sense to compare their abilities by age. I personally have never been one of those "by grade people" anyway and if you are that is totally fine but I just don't like placing my children in a box. I expect the best from my children and I believe that the parent can tell if it is given or not.

Sometimes I don't feel well or I just am not feeling school that day and I make mistakes or do not give 100% but I am forgiven from My Father and we have to remember and pass that grace and mercy right on down to our children. 

Over expectations are dangerous.

So set some goals for your children and start small and stay constant and you will see some great results.   


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