Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2nd 6 Weeks Reading Plan

Well I can't hardly believe today started our second mini mester!

You can read about our first 6 weeks reading plan here and you can read about our first 6 weeks complete here!

Today I just wanted to share our reading plan for this 6 weeks.

As you may already know, Kyle slacked big time on his reading plan for last 6 weeks so he got punished for that and has several repeats because he never got to them.

Here is his list:
Boys Who Rocked The World
Moby Dick
Mr. Lincolns Drummer
Harry Houdini 

Alexis done wonderfully! She completed her reading plan and then some. She is just simply a reader and that is a wonderful trait for her to have. I am very glad she enjoys it because the boys just do not.

Here is her list:
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 2
Girls Who Rocked The World
Lillian Trasher
The Family Under The Bridge

Zachary will continue to read aloud to me and us share reading time together. He has been doing so much better and I am really thankful for this. A prayer answered!

He has been reading level 1 & 2 books.  

What have you been reading?


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