Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crafty Challenge {BiC MARK-IT}

I love BiC products and I have shared several projects we have done with Bic before here on the blog but this month being Halloween they issued another challenge. 

See how crafty you could get with Bic Mark-Its! 

BiC sent me a set of 36 permanent markers and the new metallic markers which contained 8 awesome colors!

Being it's almost Halloween I tried to get the kids involved by using the markers for some "spooky" crafting but they just wouldn't really go for it so these are the projects we had a blast creating for this challenge.

1- Slap Bracelets

These markers worked wonderful on the plastic rubber! I was at first concerned it would smear but nope! 

Zachary did at least make a scary spooky slap bracelet! 

Alexis designed her love of horses on her bracelet and made one for a friend.

2 - Wooden Pumpkin

We love going into A.C. Moore or Micheals and looking at all the cheap wood projects they have and with it being a Halloween challenge she decided she would get a pumpkin to decorate. Not only are these normally super cheap but they are cute normally too.

The Bic Mark-Its worked awesome on the wood. We have decorated wood before and it bleed through but these didn't! Made her so happy because she was already wondering if it would run into her red. These are awesome on wood.

Also she said the metallic markers are her favorite!

 3- Sun-Catchers

This was a long shot but I have to say I let the kids talk me into it. We hadn't decorated sun catchers in a very long time - years!

Before we moved we had some on almost every window because we loved watching the sun shine through and give such a pretty sight. 

We picked up a few that we liked best and decided we would try them with the Bic Mark-Its - Guess what it worked so great. 

I couldn't get a good picture of the ones we decorated shinning in the sun but just know they are beautiful and look great.

Hope you enjoyed our projects, we sure did!


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