Friday, October 17, 2014

First 6 Weeks Complete!!

I can't believe that our first 6 weeks is complete! If your visiting you may not understand, see we homeschool year round with a schedule of 6 weeks schooling and 2 weeks off all year! We love it this way.

I can't begin to brag enough on how I am pleased with the first 6 weeks! We stayed on track for the most part, had great attitudes and worked together pretty well. 

Kyle completed All About Spelling Level 4!! However he slacked pretty badly on his reading plan. He missed his goal by 3 books, so those books will carry over to next 6 weeks. I honestly haven't figured out how to punish that yet, or if I will. I do believe he will get a punishment for not trying to reach his goal because there were many days he didn't even try to read. I know he doesn't like to I have posted on that many times BUT I did have requirements that he did not reach. Otherwise great...

Alexis read all of her reading list for the 6 weeks and extras! She is getting an extra treat for going above and beyond for her reading (new horses). I actually just bought her 2 new books! I can't stand buying new books lol I like the cheap used ones but sometimes you just have to do it. The only place I see her struggling is her Grammar, but I do have to remember I skipped her a grade there. She was so scared of her Math but she is doing awesome and really likes it, Division isn't her enemy yet!

If your wondering what our reading plan was for the first 6 weeks please read here.

Zachary finished All About Spelling Level 1! He also completed the first workbook in Dyslexia Games! He loves his Explode the Code and is actually over half way complete in book 2. He just isn't liking his writing so I am going to try something different with that next 6 weeks. I can't begin to brag enough on his reading skills really taking off! He is so proud of himself! He has read 12 first readers so of which has had chapters and took him a few days to complete. I am so happy for his hard work paying off. 

We are loving Nancy Larson Science 2. I need to be more intentional at this!

Some of our favorite times have been our art lessons that we started doing at least once a week! 
Check some of them out here.

This 6 weeks we have been on more field trips than all of last year probably! 

NC Zoo
Looking Glass Falls
Brown Mtn Lights
Fishing at our local hatchery
Eliada Corn Maze 
Youth Trip
Renaissance Festival

Our homeschool coop started last week so 6 weeks of learning about the Civil War!

My favorite Schoolhouse Review this 6 weeks is a toss up between Fit it Grammar and My Student Logbook.

Overall I am so pleased with all our progress for the start to our school year. The only thing I want to change or add is some copywork to all the children. I need to really press cursive writing skills on Kyle and Lexi this next 6 weeks and start teaching Zachary.

I hope your school year is going great!


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