Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun Autumn Art Projects

We have had a blast with drawing and art projects so far this year. 

With the first few weeks of Autumn (screaming with excitement) I wanted to share some of the fun projects that we have done! They are easy and you can do them easily too! 

All credit is not my own because I found everything on Pinterest!

Leaf Art:
You don't need much do do this awesome project! Just a leaf to trace and some awesome Crayola markers, crayons or color sticks like we used. Also paper and a black marker. 

Trace your leaf, outline in black and then start decorating inside with circles or anything that you want. We decided on circles and love the odd look it gave them!

I will be honest my smallest got a little frustrated because this is not a FAST project!

I just printed off the step by step drawing instructions and we started sketching on cardstock. After everyone sketched we outlined everything with a black sharpie and then started decorating our sketches. Kyle wanted his scary and I think he got that portrayed. Lexi wanted her's to look sweet and helpful and Zachary and I just wanted him to look like a Scarecrow! 

Chalk Pastel Leaves: 

We took black cardstock and traced some of our favorite leaves that we collected on our morning walk and simply traced them lightly with pencil. Then we took colored chalk and decorated the leaves with bright colorful patterns.

All three of these activities take very little supplies and very little time to complete however you get a really awesome peace of Autumn Art to keep for the best season around! 

Hope you enjoy our art we sure have had fun!



  1. oh.. I like these. I will see if my lad wants to make any of them. :)

    Annette @ A net in Time.
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  2. Great idea..I will try this one with my 3 year old girl. Thank you!


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