Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 5

This week has been a fast week. I looked around today and it was really Friday! Weeks like this are great but I have to sit back and wonder what memories where made this week and where was I intentional. 

Monday was a normal day getting our schooling done. We skipped our walk but made some outside play time for the evening.

Tuesday was not a school day. The kids each had dental appointments and we had to stay in the office for over 2 hours. Each child had to have their first procedure done that wasn't a normal cleaning. Kyle and Alexis had their first cavity. Kyle's is in an adult tooth but Lexi's is in a baby tooth and Zachary had to have his bottom 2 front teeth fixed where the boys had wrestled and chipped them! Each of the kids done awesome and I just pray for healthy teeth again!

Wednesday was the first day of OCTOBER! One of my favorite months. I love Fall and everything associated with it. I also had to refill my huge premade brownie mix because Kevin and the kids have been making a lot while I am at work! Didn't take me 5 minutes to have that baby topped back off for some homemade goodness!

The rest of the week was just normal routine here and that is when I truly thrive! 

I have to brag on Kyle for completing All About Spelling Level 4! He would have totally finished it last school year but I was a slacker and didn't push it. 

Zachary completed the first book in our Dyslexia Games series. It took just a little over a month for him to complete the first book and we are moving right along next week to book 2 I.Q. Challenge.

Lexi has had a great week in school too. She completed another reading list book and has moved onto another! 

Just some more randomness that I snapped a picture of this week was a great picture Lexi drew me while I was gone to work. I love coming home to little surprises and I am thankful that my kids hearts are giving and thoughtful too.

Also we are loving these books from Apologia and I can't really say much more because they are a review that is coming! Stay alert for that review because these are wonderful books! 

I also ordered a surprise for the kids this week. The new WOW 2015! It should be here next week and I know the kids will be so happy to have it.

Hope you had an awesome school week!


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