Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving/Fall Books {Our Favorites}

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Can you believe it is already November?

I'm still having trouble realizing it! 

I love that Thanksgiving and Fall are upon us. I love the cozy feeling that the cooler air brings and the more relaxed pace that my life takes. 

Thanksgiving is a fun time for me, my personal favorite holiday and I've tried to share that with my kids from an early age.

We have always read a lot and the older my babies are getting I am having a harder time finding books for us to read together on certain topics but I still love these books for our Fall reads and our Thanksgiving no matter how old they get we enjoy reading them, kind of as tradition if you have it...

When The Leaf Blew In

Fox Makes Friends (my personal favorite)

Themed reading has always been such a fun activity in my home. I encourage you to make a book basket and each season or holiday find books and fill it like we do! 

Hope you enjoy some of our favorite books for this time of year.


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