Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 10

Wow time is totally getting away from me, how about you?

It is totally starting to be the busiest time of the year already!

The weekends are giving me a run for my money. Thursdays starts my work week so I am always getting these Weekly Wrap Up posts late, going to have to try a different routine for it.

Schooling has been going really good but with coop and daddy being off a day through the week it has been a challenge the last few weeks but we are totally getting through even if it isn't on MY SCHEDULE! 

Cursive was a huge assignment this 6-8 weeks in our schooling. Kyle isn't allowed to write anything in print. Alexis took that as a challenge for herself and is also writing everything in cursive! Nothing like a little sibling competition!

However Zachary has never wrote cursive but has asked to learn so that is exactly what we are working on in his handwriting. We are just covering the basics right now. A's, O's, C's, L's and he wants to write his name so he is tracing over my writing until he learns the individual letters.

Very cute story here! I was teaching him a's with the clock face as in Cursive First because it just makes understanding it really simple. Zachary said "Mom that's a girls face." I was totally confused and I just didn't and couldn't see it until he came to the board and made a stick figure with my a. So not only did he learn how to write a cursive a he also learned a new way to make a girl stick figure!

Nancy Larson Science is going awesome! I love teaching science that my kids actually want to learn!
We have been learning about liquids and gases this week.

We have a new unit study we are learning about - PRESIDENTS! 
Kyle actually requested this mid week and I am not one to say no when they want to learn so I threw some things together and we started this Wednesday!

Another really cute story from this week. Kevin was off Tuesday and Zachary sat his alarm clock getting himself up at 730 just so he could do his work early because he said Daddy needed his help and they had things to do. 

Lexi doing some wonderful work in her MUS! 

 Kyle also working on MUS.

Here is our Thankful Tree for 2014!

 My personal favorite! 

I pray your week has been full of blessings and I ask for prayer for my family. This week we finally got another update on our Foster License! Should be official by the end of November! Excited and very nervous.

I have been joining Candace at His Mercy Is New for her Thanksgiving Devotion this month! You should totally check into it! 


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