Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 11

This week was short and sweet. 

Kyle was gone Tuesday through today hunting so he completed no work however I did send him packing with Moby Dick and gave him a very stern warning that when he came home the book better be complete. When I went to pick him up before church this morning he did have it completely read and I actually think he enjoyed it! He is looking forward to sleeping in his bed tonight.

Wednesday I started not feeling that great so with Kyle gone Lexi and Zachary only completed Math daily and Grammar. We also through a small unit study in there since no history was done this week about Pilgrims & Indians. 

I have great news from Zachary! He completed Explode The Code Book 2! In only 11 weeks schooling I think that is great. Proud of him because this is his hardest subject area.

Lexi had a little trouble understanding interjections so we watched a schoolhouse rock video, She loved it and actually understood the point afterwards.  

Oh and we did complete 2 lessons this week from Nancy Larson Science. We really love these lessons and the kids favorite part is all the hands on activities it provides. This week we talked about changing the states of matter. 

Hubby was home Tuesday and I allowed something for the first time ever... The Christmas tree is actually up BEFORE Thanksgiving. I have always said no and it is always put up the weekend after Thanksgiving but I said what the hay this year go for it... And after it was up I even wrapped a few gifts because the tree just didn't look happy with nothing under it.

Last piece of news for this week, the blog design changed and so did our address! We are now! I hope you enjoy the new look because it was a lot of hard work for this lady! I have no clue what the background consists of and I really had to dig deep to change everything around and design the new header. I learned a lot and am actually proud of myself for it.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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