Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Weeks 8, 9 and 10! {YIKES}

Breaking for school meant I took a break from blogging which isn't what I intended but it just happened... So here is our last few weeks in pictures!

 I love complimentary anything! 
Thanks Discovery Place! 

 Relaxing week 1...

Zachary is learning cursive! He is doing wonderful. He told me while teaching him "a" that it looked like a head for a person, I was totally confused until he came up to the board and showed me...

 We loved how it turned out! 

We enjoyed spending Halloween at the Beautiful Offerings Tour featuring Big Daddy Weave, Chris August and Group 1 Crew! 

Zachary got up early one morning because Daddy was home and got a jump start on school because he wanted to spend time with Daddy. Sweet...

 Praying the Scriptures.

My beautiful two nieces.

 Can you tell what we are getting ready to study?

Can you see this momma is so tired after only 2 weeks back at school? Today was exhausting! Excuse the way I look but Zachary took my picture while writing a blog post and said "Momma you look so pretty..."


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