Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 15

This week was yet another crazy week, but then again when aren't my weeks crazy? We did get a lot of schooling done and reviewed. Next week we will try to tie up any loose ends and call it vacation! 

We will be breaking December 22nd through the New Year. We should also have a new addition to our family so we will be trying to settle in together and get used to each other.

 Ready for our wonderful Christmas Homeschool Party! 

 Love it when my children ask me for gifts like this!

 Our awesomely fun art project this week. A Christmas Tree branch.

 Zachary worked hard on Growing With Grammar this week and learned several new things.

This week Lexi was in a Geography mood, she done Geography every moment of just about every day. Seriously! I asked her to stop at one point Wednesday. She has completed 14 pages on different Countries this week and has told me a ton about the culture.

 Zachary drilled money skills twice this week.

 He also helped me make lasagna!! YUM!

 He also drilled time telling skills a lot this week.


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