Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dyslexia Myths & Tips

As I have watched 2 boys (one dyslexic, one not) have learning issues and them personally give there all these are myths and comments from various sources that have really bothered me at some point and time.

They are lazy.

Oh, they will grow out of it.

They really should try harder.

Research has proven that people use different parts of their brains when they perform different tasks. Meaning that each person can easily have a "crossed wire" from what a "normal person" has.

Did you know that 1 out of 10 people are Dyslexic?

Here are some warning signs for school-aged children to look for:

Writes words with letters in the wrong place

Reverses letters and numbers

Adds or leaves out small words when reading

Has trouble retelling a story

Relatives have Dyslexia

Always confuses left and right

Difficulty with memorization

Some helpful activities that you can help your child with include:

Read a lot of books

Hands on activities are best for them

Praise can be priceless at this point

You can practice some memorization tricks that will help with recalling important information quick. We have found Classical Conversations songs to be extremely helpful here. Learning anything in song has been a huge help.

A knowledge of phonics is crucial to reading effectively. Which is the one reason we decided to give All About Spelling a try for Kyle our oldest. Thankfully it was just what we needed and is a perfect fit for all my children even though they each have a different learning style. We are adding All About Reading Level 2 back to Zachary's day very soon since he needs further practice and instruction.

Practice truly makes perfect! When it comes to reading. Get a routine established.


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