Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 19 { New Year }

Guys its been a long time!

Between holidays and break time its been a while since we've been posting normally! This week has been a great first week back but not without bumps to flatten out however we made it! It's Friday!

We started out our week trying to recover from a stomach bug.

Monday we had a testing session done for Zachary and his learning so that took us on a drive to the facility and back. We learned a lot and got some helpful advice. However the day was an extremely emotional one for me. Kyle also had his 2nd basketball game that night and won! They did great.

This week was all about getting back in our routine. Schooling had not been done for over 2 weeks and so it was all about just getting back to it and having good attitudes. 

All week we worked hard to just have fun and enjoy being healthy!

Kyle actually over the break asked to try to work on things more independently so I had sat down and wrote down where in each subject I wanted him by the end of the school week and talked it over with him to make sure he understood. We tried this years ago but it didn't go well at all. I am happy to report that this first week went great. He followed it really well and completed everything without reminder! Great progress from a few years ago.

Zachary has been working on a lot of brain training exercises this week along with some eye tracking exercises. Each day we have been doing small things for about 20 minutes to retrain his left brain to connect with his right brain better. Then today we incorporated a series of more in depth exercises that are to be done just once a week. He has had great attitude with all the new items we threw at him this week, I am proud of his efforts. It hasn't been easy but he has done wonderful at trying. 

Zachary has also been working on some work for Dyslexia. 

Tuesday we had a very emotional day with Lexi. We went on our walk and picked up trash along our road. Maggie (one of our cats) decided that she would follow us and so we just let her because we tried running her back to the house and she just wouldn't go. When we got back home we couldn't find her anywhere. We checked the road several times, riding up and down hollering for her without any luck. This is the cat that we bottle feed since it was 3 days old so you have to understand Lexi was in tears most the evening. It got dark and came time for Kyle's ball practice and so we prayed again before leaving that maybe we would find her. No luck. When we got home guess who was back?! Yes she was!! Thank God! Just in time for bedtime too! Lexi and Maggie slept very well that night.

Wednesday night the stomach bug hit our house again! So it was round 2. Just Zachary and I suffered this time so hopefully it is gone and will not call on our home again.

We have news that next week we will be getting a Foster Child! I have details but can't give any.

Hope you all had a wonderfully blessed week!


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