Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 21 {Long Week}

This is the week that feels like a month! 

Every have one of those?

I actually haven't in a really long time but this week had a lot packed into it.

Monday was normal and good. We worked on learning a lot about magnets from Nancy Larson Science and having a blast with all the hands on learning!

Tuesday was my birthday and hubby was off so that meant not much got done. We enjoyed lunch at my favorite restaurant and some good lazy time together. The weather was awesome! I wore flip flops and loved it!

(can you tell I wasn't amused at the cool whip they put all over my face)

Daddy was trying to get some schooling done too!

Wednesday we had our first foster placement arrive! He is 4 and keeping me on my toes! That took most of our day to get everything settled and adjusted. He actually did wonderfully. 

Thursday was a normal day, as much as it could be with an additional new child in our home. Schooling tried to happen and did pretty good for the most part. Kids volunteered at the Food Pantry like always and I headed to work.

Friday was more of a normal day this week. Schooling went really good. Kyle actually finished 2 things today!! Christian Kids Explore Chemistry & Mr. Lincoln's Drummer (a book). I have to get ready for work soon!

Zachary has been doing really great with his eye & brain exercises. I think I see improvements within these 2 weeks that we have been working on them however I don't want to trick myself into thinking it just yet. BUT I can tell that his reading is coming somewhat easier which makes me very happy. We are going to be introducing All About Reading into his daily school work to see how and if that will help too!

We have been cooking a lot of yummy recipes around here! Healthier, non packaged foods!

I will be sharing a great pizza dough recipe next week with you all!

Look at these awesome PopTarts we are fixing and loving.

I am so happy that our Schoolhouse Crew year has begun, we have started recieving some wonderful review items that I can't wait to post about.

Here are some that are in my home right now:
Koru Naturals

And Purex has a new detergent that I am testing out: Power Shot!


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