Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 22 { Lots Accomplished }

Last week was full of wonderful work and great happy children. The week was an awesome week, one of the best since we started our new school year (you know the new does wear off).

I had been telling the kids what I wanted complete by the end of our 8 week period and they had been pushing really hard. We talked about doing more than just one page of something to hurry and get done with work. We talked about it needing to mean something more so than just spending the basic amount of time on it because you wanted done. I think the talked worked.

Just this week we completed:

Kyle Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Kyle also finished Mr Lincoln's Drummer

Zachary Kick Start Cursive from Handwriting Without Tears
Zac and I completed The Knight at Dawn
He also finished Dyslexia Games Book 2

Lexi Memoria Press Geography 1
She finished All About Spelling level 4
Lexi finished Girls Who Rocked the World too! This was an awesome book full of great inspiration for my girl!

Zac and Lexi also completed Nancy Larson's Science first booklet (the first 20 lessons) so we are moving on to Observing Rocks & Minerals 

Along with basketball practice, work and a new routine in our family because of our new 4 year old I believe we have done wonderful.

I am thankful for all the prayers that have been given for my family during this transition time.


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