Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 23 & 24

The last two weeks have been a huge adjustment with a new member of our family and getting him used to the way we do things as well as just over all getting used to each other.

We are settled I believe and doing well. 

The last 2 weeks here is a glimpse into our crazy homeschooling life while transitioning...

The boys have been moving right alone in Math U See. Kyle has had some trouble this week in Pre-Algebra but nothing that my awesome hubby couldn't help!

T loves puzzles!

Our spoiled fur baby being lazy on Lexi's bed her bed.

Zachary completed 2 things within the last 2 weeks and one is Explode The Code level 3! Next week we are starting All About Reading Level 2.

We completed 2 neat Valentine Art projects you can find them here! 

Zachary also finished Brain Food Book 3 in just a week! Going on to book 4.

Thursday we had a homeschool skating/Valentine party and so the kiddos got all their Valentine's fixed to give out to their friends. 

The homeschool Valentine's/skating party was a load of fun, my guys enjoyed it greatly.

I also made a delicious treat that we took, Strawberry Cream Bars. I will share the recipe next week here on the blog. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THAT!

After a very long, hard day my love surprised me with my favorite - Tulips. Speaking of tulips I am in a huge hurry to see if all the bulbs we planted come up this year. I had about 15 come up last Spring but since we planted almost 60 more bulbs! Can you tell I love love love them?

Also realized I am in desperate need of a new planner, so this weekend after work I hope to hit Staples and or Walmart in search of one. I can not afford some that was recommended so I am going to get one in my budget! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all. 

Be sure and share God's love with everyone you meet.


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