Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 25 & 26

Snow has been a common theme here the last 2 weeks however it has been scattered out thankfully. Although we do not operate off the public school schedule it makes it hard know with foster son that does!

We are happy to wrap up our 8 week mini-mester and have our 2 week break! The kids have worked super hard this 8 weeks and I am proud of all they have accomplished and I believe all of us are looking forward to that break! 

Zachary has been enjoying his Word Hunt book which is the 4th book in Dyslexia Games (The Thinking Tree). He is having to find and search for words to fill up his book! Some times they are 3 letter words but sometimes they are 4 and 5 letter words!

Hubby was home and we all wanted gravy one morning so I added a little treat with Choc gravy! I never eat it because I just don't like it but my kiddos sure do!

Nancy Larson Science we have moved onto Observing Rocks and Minerals now! We have had a lot of fun so far learning about how to classify rocks and their properties. 

Again you can see through out our pictures for the last 2 weeks a lot of it is snow! We have enjoyed playing in it but I think we are all ready for the flowers to pop up out of the ground for Spring!


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