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Lord Heritage - HomeSchool Office { Review }

HomeSchool Office Review
Today I am going to tell you a little about a recent review from Lord Heritage or HomeSchool Office.
This program is to help the homeschool parent stay organized and to help you keep all of your records up to date in one place.
I was given a full year subscription to Lord Heritage for review. The cost is $79 for the year and countless students. Being a momma of 3 I always look at if there is an additional cost per child and here you are safe!
As a homeschool parent I find it very hard to keep up with 3 children's items for grades and assignments however over the 10 years I have homeschooled I have found some nice tricks and tips.

homeschool office
Since Homeschool Office is all online and I am a pen paper gal I did have some trouble using this. 
First you are going to log in and you will find the above waiting for you. You choose where you need to go and it starts helping you select forms to start recording information. The set up of the program is by far the hardest part and longest part. I have logged in and out for weeks and tried staying on for up to a couple hours just figuring this out and inputting information. I actually had to keep looking in the support section for answers and help on trying to set up a schedule for my children, so I HIGHLY recommend looking in the support section!

I created my TEAM first telling about our homeschool then I quickly moved on to the Plan section which is where I had to spend some time. I then used the Report and Evaluate to update all the grades for the year so far. Since we homeschool year round that went all the way back to September (I admit I didn't do this for all 3 kiddos).

Since this year is the first year I have to track grades and assignments for high school transcripts this is going to help me. Although this is hard for me I have finally gotten a system that works just for keeping up for records sake. Transcripts have always scared me honestly and so having a place to report and record without worry has been nice but having to go back to the beginning of the year to put it all in the report wasn't that fun but that was no fault of the program just bad timing for myself!
 You can actually print everything out if needed however I didn't find it a good fit for me to do so.

Personally, this just wasn't a good fit for me. I respect all the aspects of the program because it is VERY thought out and detailed for the person that has more time than I.

I have been homeschooling I guess too long to change to a different way of tracking things for my students.

There is a 30 day trail that you could try before you buy to see if this program is a better fit for you!
HomeSchool Office Review

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