Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Purex Crystals Scent Splash {Giveaway & Review}

Oh my favorite product to use in laundry just got better!

You see I love Purex Crystals. I buy them regularly and enjoy the awesome scent they give BUT today I get to talk to you about a new product that Purex has introduced. 

Purex Crystals ScentSplash!!

Like I said I do love the Crystals but 35% more wash loads than 18oz Purex Solid Crystals so this is helpful for me to know so I can start buying these instead! It's better value for my money!

The fragrance booster comes in 3 wonderful scents to enjoy:

Fresh Spring Waters

Fresh Lavender Blossom

Fresh Mountain Breeze

I have tried Fresh Spring Waters personally in my families own laundry for the last 2 weeks.

Once you get your clothing sorted and your ready to start filling your washer your going to add your detergent(Purex PowerShot is awesome if your looking for a new detergent) and then I add my Purex Crystals ScentSplash to the load. There is a line for 1 or 2 depending on how much laundry your washing and depending on your scent preference. I have been adding to the first line. Once I have added both to my washer I add my clothing. 

Then your done! Besides waiting on the washer and dryer to finish their cycles. 

When your go to change your clothing from the washer to the dryer you can smell the wonderful fragrance! Then once your ready to fold your clothing you get to smell the rest of its goodness!

I love putting on fresh smelling clothes.

The scent has been lasting in our folded stored away laundry very well.

Purex Crystals will be available in a store new year starting in April but I have a free coupon for a lucky reader!!

Enter the giveaway and good luck!

Winner must be 18 years old and be a US resident. Winner must respond to winning notification email within 48 hours.

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