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Memoria Press { New American Cursive 1 - Review }

Today I get to tell you about a new product from Memoria Press. First off this review came at a great time for our family. Zachary wanted to learn cursive but so far we just haven't taught it yet. I had just started going over some basics of cursive with him when I was offered this review item.

Memoria Press is one of my favorite publishers. I enjoy many different resources they have BUT today I am going to talk to you about their New American Cursive 1. There are 3 books within this set and each book is $22.95. They suggest the first book is designed for 1st graders however it's a great introduction if they haven't had much direction before, which is why we reviewed it. My son is 10 and in 4th grade and the main reason why we haven't introduced cursive to him before is because writing like reading is very difficult for him.

We started with this at the beginning of March. 

You may be like I was and wonder what New American Cursive is, so let me tell you. It is a way of teaching cursive in an easier method that has been simplified and enhanced with multi-sensory aspects added.

There is a small teacher's guide included within the first several pages that gives an introduction to program and why cursive is best taught early. I actually wish I would have started earlier with Zachary because I feel that he would have benefited from it. He has picked it up pretty easily so far and for that I am glad.

The teaching guide goes on to instruct you on teaching your children posture for their body, pencil position and paper position.

Then it moves on to tell you how to present each lesson and how each lesson is laid out. Each lesson starts with just teaching 1 letter.

Each lesson is the same:

Instruction on how to form the letter.
Practice by tracing and then writing your own letter.
Play for trying out your new letters you have been learning and free space for art.

Every 3 lessons/letters there is a review & practice page.

The lessons are multi-sensory because the lessons have you say the letter and repeat the letter that your using during the lesson.

It has you feel the letter by tracing the letter provided on the first lesson page because it is larger. You can also have the child practice it in the air or provide sand to write it in too! 

Then finally writing the letter. I always ask Zachary if he has his paper slanted and is he holding his pencil right before we start.

I have to point out that the book has a spiral ring at the top of the book which makes it very easy and comfortable when writing. I believe it is a perfect fit for a child no matter left or right handed.

Mr. Meerkat is the guide throughout the book. My son didn't mind him either way but loved that the lessons where short and to the point. I liked that the book seemed to keep his attention very well. 

We have normally used this book every day we've done school and he completes 3 pages at a time, which finishes the teaching of one letter. We are almost finished with the book and I have already researched the second book to the set. I have really enjoyed the ease to using this book for my son. I believe it is a great way to teach cursive.

You can see some samples of the books here.


Memoria Press Review


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