Monday, April 6, 2015

Reading Stages { Dyslexia }

While reading a book about Dyslexia I came across some reading development stages and thought that since I had been blogging about Dyslexia and our journey through it, this would make a good post too.

In order to become a good reader, a child will need to first learn to decode words and have word recognition skills. 

Some children naturally progress easily with minimal help and guidance, like my daughter however both of my boys have been totally different. A child with Dyslexia will not be able to learn easily and they will need lots of assistance and instruction tailored to their need. 

You can better help your child when you understand the basic stages of reading development. 

There is actually a pre-reading stage; birth until they develop basic skills usually around age 5/6. When I became pregnant with my first child all I read and heard was read to that child, read, read, read. So I actually did and talk to him before he was even birthed.

Stage 1 is from ages 6/8. This is the beginning readers stage. This is when children are learning to decode words and sound them out. They normally understand letters and sounds. This is actually the first major road block for a child with Dyslexia! While your child will understand letters and sounds he will find it extremely difficult to put the sounds together to spell words and read. This is the stage that we are at with Zachary. This is why we sought out help. We have tried to move past this stage for over 3 years with little progress but totally not for the lack of his trying, bless his heart.

Stage 2 is for ages 8/9. This is the stage that readers develop fluency. Once the child gets the decoding they begin to get a greater fluency and additional skills pile on. They are able to begin reading without sounding out e v e r y sound. They begin to recognize whole words and are familiar with reading patterns. Your child will need extra help to develop this skill. It is at this stage that Dyslexic children start to fall seriously behind.

Stage 3 is for ages 9/14. This is the reading to learn stage. Children here have mastered the words and fluency skills needed. Now children get to read for knowledge and pleasure at this point. This is a great stage for the child to develop comprehension skills.

FACT: 40% of children with reading difficulties have problems that are not apparent until they reach 4th grade.

Please take it from a mother that has been there, each child is different and each child learns differently but at some point you just have to seek help. I have tried so many different curriculum and tried many different methods. I have crammed it down his throat and left it alone to see which was better. Over all I just came to the point that it wasn't worth ruining my relationship with my son because I could tell this was a deeply hard task for him.

We started therapy in March and I couldn't be more relieved from all I have been told after testing. He is willing and ready to learn to read with out struggles and as his momma I am ready to aid in that!

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