Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 34 { Its been a while }

Alright guys so I am going to try my best to get back into our routine of updating every week. It has been several months since my last Weekly Wrap Up post.

My life is hectic and since I still work on the weekends I do not normally get time to blog except through the week.

We are still honestly adjusting to several changes in our life. First, we are still trying to adjust to a new routine with a 4 year old whom we are trying to learn and build a relationship with. Fostering has been a huge pull on my time and energy. All of his appointments because of health issues and neglect, then we have also been introduced to the public school system because of him. My family has been a trooper through it all but I will say this has been one of the hardest things we as a family have ever done and probably will ever do. Secondly, hubby finally got a Monday - Friday job so it opens him up for preaching more and for worship more! We have been praying over this issue for 2 years and we are just so happy that God heard our cries and faithfulness! My work schedule has also had to change down several days because of all the above!

Baseball is in full swing! Zachary is having a blast and I am running to death. Practice 2 days a week and games normally Tuesdays and Fridays! He is doing really wonderful pitching! Then when his season finishes it will be time for Kyle's season to start and then Lexi is asking to play Fall ball, however this is my favorite time of the year! I love baseball.

Zachary has started therapy with an Orton-Gillingham therapist for Dyslexia and delayed reading issues. We see her two times a week and Kevin and I can both tell a big improvement in his overall reading ability so far. I have stopped every reading/grammar instruction with him at this point to not confuse him or interfere with her teaching. We are working together great and she even took a curriculum I love for reading/spelling (All About Spelling) and matched up several lessons for us to use along with her normal teaching she does. The two are very similar so this is being easy for us to work through with AAS and her method, which by the way AAS is an Orton-Gillignham approach however her being a trained therapist there are some differences. 

Schooling has been going really great despite all the obstacles that we have had.

In the last several weeks we have finished up some great curriculum and we haven't really introduced many new things either we are coming to our relaxed time of year where we will work on drills of all our basics once curriculum gets finished up.

Kyle finished up The Nose Tree from IEW for Grammar and we really enjoyed this, it was a review item several months back.

Zachary has finished Dyslexia Games book 4 and 5 and we started 6 I believe last week and he is breezing right along.

Alexis is so close to completing her math level for this year she is so ready too! 

Next week we have a much anticipated mini vacation coming up, we are so excited and I personally can't wait! 

Hope your homeschooling went wonderful this week.

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