Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FishFlix {Review} Review

Today I get to tell you about a neat company FishFlix. My family had the opportunity to review a DVD from them, Privileged Species ($9.99).

FishFlix is a Christian company that provides Christian movies and I have to say this is a huge deal for me! I was so pleased when I started looking into what the company was. My family personally has a great issue finding movies that appeal to our beliefs and morals but having ONE company that has took that into account and made a company from it is awesome for my family. 

You can search by many titles, subcategories and genres. The site also has a $5 Christian Deal tab but one of my favorite things so far has been that they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35. Review

My family consists of 2 adults and 3 children ranging in age from 14 to 10. This DVD was a little hard for my smaller two to understand but overall they still understood the reason and basis of what the point was.

Privileged Species was made by Discovery Institute with the help of Michael Denton who is a geneticist. Denton goes through and talks about water, oxygen and carbon and how every aspect of each of those elements is made perfectly for our life on Earth to be possible. 

It was very interesting while watching the documentary that even just a tiny fraction of difference would totally alter and make possible for no life to be found.

Darwin and Christianity beliefs were very briefly mentioned and neither pushed throughout the documentary. I will say I was surprised that being a Christian company that the DVD didn't push and say more about only God being able to master the elements and making everything perfectly. I didn't mind that evolution was mentioned briefly either.

One statement that Denton made was a favorite of mine "Man is not an accident." That is so very true because only our God can make everything perfect and he did just for us to enjoy. The documentary helps you see that!

Water was discussed because of the wonderful job that it does for our life. 3/4 of the earth is covered in water and obviously we all know it is necessary for us. It dissolves minerals, carries them unlike any other liquid could. Another interesting fact we learned, which is common sense but I really never looked at it this way, most liquids contract when froze but not water.

Oxygen was next, not many things on earth, animal or plant, can survive without oxygen. Any energy has to have it. Plants are obviously our friend for the job they do for us to recycle our oxygen. It was also speaking in the documentary about our atmosphere layers and levels and how perfectly they were designed to withstand the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Lastly, carbon was discussed. Did you know that over 65 million different compounds are made from just carbon? WOW! I know. 

Privileged Species was a beautifully made documentary. The pictures used throughout were beautiful. 

The documentary was only 33 minutes long.

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