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Homeschool Legacy {Review}

Homeschool Legacy Review

My daughter loves horses although we do not have one. She has been in love with them for about 2 years now so every opportunity that I have to cater to that love she has I do my best. When Homeschool Legacy was announced for a review opportunity through our amazing Schoolhouse Crew I was interested to see what the choices were. I actually hadn't ever heard of Homeschool Legacy so I had to first search and see what kind of company they were.

Homeschool Legacy was created by a veteran homeschool momma with 16 years under her belt. She wanted to produce a unit study that would help build a strong Godly benefit for your family while learning together. These Once-A-Week Unit Studies are a product of just that desire.

Homeschool Legacy Review

Luckily, I found just the right one for my daughter - Horsing Around! My daughter is 11 and this study is for children ranging in age from 2 - 12. Horsing Around is a 4 week unit. We received the digital download version which can be bought for $14.00 however a paperback version is only $18.95.

The first thing I did once the item was sent for review was simply download it and print. Honestly that was about the extent of trouble and planning that I had to do! I loved it, if only other aspects of my life could be that simple!

There was NO preparation for me as the teacher what so ever! TRUE LOVE!

I did, obviously read over everything so that my daughter would be instructed on what needed done.

The way we approached this study was very relaxed. 

I printed everything off and stapled it all together. 

Then I went through and highlighted and noted what I wanted her to complete each week.

We would talk throughout the week about certain topics and work through them.

Each week you begin with a list of supplies that are needed, nothing that I had to go buy. 

Also, throughout the last several weeks she has been getting horse books to read from the reading list provided for extra reading and learning. 

For the last several weeks I have learned more about horses that anyone on the planet! Trust me!

She has learned rules to use while in a stable, what characteristics the breeds have, we have learned parts of a saddle and been able to draw it! The list goes on and on and I just can't brag enough about all the information within the study.

Within our study we had ideas for history, music, life skills, bible devotions, art and games or movie nights! That is one great benefit about a unit study - It covers so many subjects in our topic.

Lexi's favorite things were the trivia and drawing.

I love that this has given her a topic to study that she loves. She is independently pouring herself into this to learn without really even knowing that is what's happening!

Each week she has spent an average of about 4 hours on everything. She has took her time and enjoyed extra books about horses too.

This really may interest you as well, however in our situation this wasn't something that worked for us: The units offer Boy Scout and American Heritage Girl requirements that are earned! I thought this was a really cool aspect to have added to the unit studies.

Overall I would totally buy a unit study from Homeschool Legacy, my daughter and I have both really enjoyed the unit study for different aspects!

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Homeschool Legacy Review

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