Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 37

I skipped last weeks wrap up because I didn't have time and just thought I would throw it into this weeks.

Last week was my last week working outside our home. Finally, I can once again say I am a stay at home momma. I am so happy to not have that on my shoulders anymore, I have so much on my plate and have worked outside our home for a while now and although I learned a lot doing so it was beyond stressful and was pouring over into our studies.

Kevin is loving his new job! We are going to actually understand what it means to say Thank Gosh Its Friday!! We've never been able to do that or feel relief for the week being over. Normally, one of us has always working Friday or Saturdays so it hasn't been a big deal in our home.

We are winding down our studies because we have been schooling for 8 months now, we started at the beginning of September so a lot of our core studies are being completed. Our rules are once our cores are complete the kiddo's get nothing to replace it after February, so we are just going to be reviewing what curriculum they have finished up.

Zachary finished up his 5th book in The Thinking Tree { Dyslexia Games } set, he is in set B. We will be starting the next book next week for him. He also finished up his cursive workbook!! Here is our review on Memoria Press New American Cursive

Zachary is also doing such a better job on his reading. The therapy is paying off in a huge way. He is working so hard. He has good days and bad days but he is learning and putting forth some great effort. He has been reading books that are hard and that makes my heart so proud. He is working really hard to get better at the writing process.

Alexis finished up her daily science! This was an extra workbook that was on clearance while shopping in the teacher store a while back and she begged for it so she got it. She loves science and I am glad to say she did a wonderful job with the book. Today she also finished her Math U See Delta!! WOOHOO!! This is huge for her. She is the first one to complete math for the year! The boys are still about 7 lessons before completion. She hates math because it is so hard for her but boy oh boy does this make me happy and she is thrilled too! 

Kyle has been doing great too. He had an Ancient Rome study through at him a few weeks ago for a review coming up and he has actually been enjoying it pretty well. Look for that review soon. Also he has one lesson to complete in his Wordly Wise!! He is really excited about that because this has been a huge challenge but it really paid off because his test scores improved huge in this area. He also has a huge day coming up this weekend. His best friend for 6 years invited him to her Military Ball and so my baby is getting all dressed up in his tux and looks so handsome! Can't wait to post some pictures and to visit with my old friends over the weekend. I pray they have a wonderful time together because it will be a great memory they will both always remember. 

Our foster son is doing wonderful. He has improved so much since he first came to us. This has been so hard on our family but to know that I am helping raise a child and give him hope makes it all worth while.

Our state homeschool convention is next week and I am really excited to go!

Enjoy your weekend!


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