Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 43

This week has been very interesting. I have had an infection in my leg and yesterday it had to be lanced and drained and I will be totally honest. IT HURT. I am in pain and it was said it could take up to 3 weeks for the pain to go away and up to 7 for it to heal! Prayers are greatly appreciated considering walking and standing is very difficult for me.

Homeschooling this week was very relaxed. Zachary is working on finishing up his Math U See Gamma and working on his reading skills. Kyle is still trying to complete Biology and Math U See Algebra and Lexi is trying hard to get her Growing With Grammar complete. All of them only have a few lessons left to complete. They have been reading more and working on drilling simple facts that need to stay in their mind.

We have been sad that 2 weeks in a row we have missed out volunteering at the food panty. I am sure they miss us terribly. 

Zachary my smallest has truly been a sweet helper since I came home yesterday all cut up and in pain. The boy hasn't left my side but for sleeping and mowing the grass. He wouldn't even go swimming today because he wanted to stay with me. Bless that heart of his.

This week I was personally trying to work on getting some freezer meals together for our family but also for hubby's parents.

My favorite meal I cooked this week was Bowtie Chicken! YUM it is always one of my favorites.

I rewarded the kiddos with a swimming trip and Kyle got new shirts that he just found hilarious (teenagers).

Honestly, this week I have just skimmed through. It has been a rough week. I had hopes of taking the kiddos to Dollywood again but with my leg issues I totally can not.

I do have a place picked out about an hour away that I want to visit and explore so that will be very soon - well as soon as I can walk!

Father's Day is Sunday and I am so very thankful for my dad. I am also thankful for the father my husband is to our children. I am so proud of the man he is, he has grown so much since we were 16 and 20.

I did have some heartbreak this week related to therapy Zachary had been getting but we will prevail.

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