Monday, June 8, 2015

Why Cast Iron?

Over the years I have cooked more than I have slept! That is how it truly feels being home with 3 children all these years and providing 3 meals a day to them and a hungry hubby.

As a young wife and mother I didn't understand a lot about cooking. I never cooked when growing up so it took a few years to get good at it. I spent lots of time trying recipes and techniques and lots of time watching cooking shows!

Over the years I decided there had to be a better way to cook. I was tired of having to buy pots and pans so often. I was tired of having to have so many casserole dishes too. So here are some of my favorite reasons to cook with cast iron:

From Stove to Oven

This probably seems silly to some, but to me it saves my sanity. I can add all my ingredients to my cast iron pan and transfer it right into the oven. I cook a lot of one dish wonders, my family actually has called me the Casserole Queen (I love that name). This simple ability saves me dishes to wash later which gives me more time to spend with my babies. I love that the cast iron is so versatile.


If you treat a cast iron pan right you never have to have another! They are hard to destroy and in my household that is a good thing! My grandmother has had one cast iron pan for almost 15 years (may be longer now). They are practically indestructible.

Easy To Clean

You simply scrap out the leftover crumb or meat pieces and I wipe out with hot water and sometimes a little soap (depends what I cooked) then I wipe clean and make sure it is dry because cast iron will rust if you do not dry.


When cooking in cast iron you do not use as much oil/butter as you do in normal pans. Cast iron also contains no harmful chemicals that cook out in my food like those non-stick pans!

Hopefully you will soon fall in love with cast iron too! The only thing I hate about cast iron is it is so darn heavy, but it is totally worth it.

Happy Cooking.


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