Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10th Grade Curriculum Choices

Oh yes, I said 10th grade! 

Oh, how the time flies, I can't believe for the life of me that we just completed our first year of high school homeschooling. Never in a million years did I ever give this a thought.

Last year it actually snuck up on me - the high school part! I knew it was coming but I just didn't prepare for it well at all so this year I learned a lot from reading articles and laws on high school. 

We are very lucky to live in a state that honestly doesn't require much at all. 

Here are our choices for our 10th grade year:

Math is the same publisher we have used for years. We started with Math U See in our 3rd grade math and have continued with it ever since. This year my son will be working his way through Algebra 1.

Mystery of History II is our history/geography. We actually use this with all our children, however Kyle will have additional research and projects to complete each lesson.

We wanted to incorporate more logic into his high school years so we are starting with James Madison Critical Thinking Course from The Critical Thinking Company. I thought long and hard about this and after downloading some samples and working through them with him and my husband we decided this would be a good fit. It looks fun and engaging and he loves mysteries.

Last but not least for our core subjects IEW, the student writing intensive course. We actually started this 2 years ago for a review but he wasn't quite ready for it so I stashed it away knowing we would want to use it again. Now that day has come and he is actually looking forward to it because he loves Andrew Pudewa's sense of humor.

Bible is something I hope each of my children will want to learn but we have mostly always done stories, devotionals or studies of people or verses through the Bible. This year Kyle wanted to study world religions and denominations. There are several resources we are using for this but only have the book from Usborne right now.

Science this year is going to be only hands on. This isn't all of his work load for science but the focus this year is on robotics and electronics mostly. We will start with the basic circuits kit and once he completes that we will move to the other projects. He is most excited about the toasters! Yes, you see toasters back there. His mission for those are to completely take them apart and get them back together so they will work again. He has two just in case he needs a second chance.

He has more small things he is completing but this is our core curriculum for our upcoming 2015/2016 school year.

Happy Schooling.


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