Monday, July 6, 2015

CursiveLogic {Review}

Today I get to introduce you to a new company CursiveLogic.

CursiveLogic sent us a CusiveLogic Workbook to use. We decided to use this with Zachary my smallest son who is just beginning with cursive learning. He is 10. This workbook retails for $29.00.

How is this set up for teaching and learning? 

Shapes: The method is actually very easy to learn and teach. The lessons are broken down and taught by shapes not by ordinal abc's. They are taught in families similar in shape which was actually very brilliant and Zachary caught on to this easily.

Letter Strings: This is similar to the shapes above but the letter strings are the loops and curls from the letters such as a cursive L. This part also teaches how to connect other letters together.

Colors: Here she is truly after my own heart because I color code everything! CursiveLogic uses color coded families for each set of letter strings!

Verbally: There are verbal chants that can be stated while writing. 

How did it work for us?

As I have already stated my son using this is 10 and we have just been using very minimal cursive with him at this point, so this was a wonderful workbook for him to gain confidence on how to write words and letters.
This workbook really helped him see that many letters are made up of the exact same pattern which didn't overwhelm him.

My favorite part of the whole workbook was at the end of the workbook, there are write on pages that you can write on as many times as you want with a expo marker! We used this a lot through out the last few weeks for reinforcement.

Overall this is a wonderful way to teach cursive. It is very logical in its teaching, it doesn't over-complicate any part of the process which I really appreciate with my son who does not find writing easy.

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CursiveLogic Review
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