Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Prasso Ministries { Review }

I always love teaching my children more about the word of God. In our homeschooling this is one huge reason we do educate at home so let me introduce you to a new company that was introduced to me by our Schoolhouse Review Crew: Prasso Ministries.
What did we receive?
My family received physical copies of the Teen Prasso teachers manual $35 and the homework manual (student journal) $15.
Prasso means to practice and who doesn't have to do that in learning? 
I learned that this company is actually very local to me, about an hour and 20 minutes away! I love supporting local companies any way I can.

What is Prasso Ministries?

Prasso Ministries is a company that started in 1992. Prasso Ministries offer adult material and teen material for discipleship learning. The teaching can be used for men, woman or teens and can be used in many different situations such as youth groups, homeschooling, Bible studies and in any size group setting.

How did we use this?
First I read about how the weekly lessons where laid out so that I was more confident in going through this with my teen. 
There are 13 teaching lessons and you spend a week in each lesson. 
Each lesson lasted about 15 to 20 minutes for us. 
Once we started the teaching lesson my son started in his daily journal. This is the most important part of this program I believe. This helps the teens get God's word and understand key parts of their life.
After each lesson we got to discuss different topics that my teen may have trouble with or is having trouble with.
My personal favorite lesson so far has been on "All Our War". I loved the overall message and discussion that my teen and I had during this lesson.

The teaching lessons are so well laid out and so easy to follow. They have thought of everything so that you need no extra supplies for usage.

I can't believe the discussions that this brought up for my teen and I to have! I have been truly blessed to hear how he feels about God's word and to see him open up to me about struggles that he has faced or is going through now. It was nice to share my own personal issues with him so that he understands all of us go through these things but we have to rely on God for our help.

Then we go to the Student Journal, which is so awesome! This journal goes hand in hand with the teaching lessons. For each lesson that is taught the student has a week worth of activities and Bible reading and coping to do. My son would actually do more than one day once a week so that he didn't have a lesson on the weekend. It worked well for him because the course work wasn't hard it was just really studying.
Final Thoughts 
This was a lovely curriculum!
It was perfectly laid out for the ease of the teacher. 
The only complaint that I have is I wish that there were choices for Bible translations. I do not normally use translations, my family believes in using the KJV and while teaching I would have to have my Bible to read the passages and my son would have to use his for his student journal too. I believe having a few different translations to choose from would benefit the company and it would have benefited my ease of usage too because having to use my Bible for the passages that were written out just produced more work for myself. 
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Prasso Ministries Review

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